Precision turned parts

There is a wide array of precision turned parts which include precision turned machine parts, pins, gear parts. The purpose for these parts is to be very precise and have premium quality. We have been into the field of precision turned parts for over 3 years and with our business acumen, we have been growing at 200 % every year in terms of quantity of production of turned products to our foreign clients.

The demand for precision turned parts as per have been very high especially in foreign countries like middle east and european countries. The synergy between our autocad experts who can thoroughly check the design and its strength, then forwarding the design to engineering team to put the same into production has resulted in high quality of finished products.

In the next 5 years, we are looking forward to extended our production capacity to 100,000 units per day and for this we need advanced machinery which is already under process. CNC machines are able to maintain high quality of machines parts or precision turned parts but the speed of the production is less then sliding head machines. The engineers are working to find the right combination of the machinery so that both the production rate and quality standard can be maintained for the satisfaction of our customers.

The parts currently being manufactured at the facility is being done with the help of CNC turning with the use of premium raw materials and using treatment methods to further improve the quality of threaded parts in the turned parts Wide range of array parts can customized with the proper use of machines and so on.

The use of machinery has eased the process but if we look at the big picture we still have a long way to go in terms of quality and quantity. It always either of the two. But to meet the needs of coming times where emphasis is more on finding and using material which fulfill the role of precision turned parts and also the the role of fasteners. In december a conference took place which held a discussing on upcoming timmes in manufacturing industry. It was concluded that the CNC machinery will all great benefit to manufacturers of turned components. The role of machinery in the 21 st century is incredibly increasing and this is taking place along with technological innovation.

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